Daily Conservation fees for Kruger National Park

16 Dec 2020

Bernahrd Bekker

Bernahrd Bekker

Daily Conservation fees and Advance Day Vistors Bookings for Kruger National Park 2021:

Advanced Bookings for Day Visitors

There is a maximum threshold of visitors that can enter the park daily. If this threshold is reached only visitors with pre-booked overnight accommodation will be permitted access. Such situations tend only to arise in extreme cases such as public holidays and long weekends.

  • Kruger National Park allows advance reservations for day visits, in addition to the conservation fees payable via various Reservation Offices.
  • A booking fee is payable when making an advanced day booking.

  • Pre-booked day visits must be paid in advance, on or before the deposit due date.
  • Guests who book one day in advance must pay when the booking is made.

  • Wild card members have to pay this “advance booking fee” if they want to pre-book their day visit.

The revised pricing system as announced 02 April 2003 includes the following:

2.1 The term “conservation fee” has replaced the term “admission fee” due to the fact that the former is more descriptive of what our overall mission is as well as the fact that the latter is inaccurate as a guest might stay a few nights, yet only pay a gate entry fee once.

2.2 The conservation fees will only be charged for actual utilization of Parks and will not be subject to the cancellation policy for accommodation. In other words, if a park is not visited, monies paid in advance as part of the deposit will be refunded to the guest. Refunds will be made in accordance with the SANParks refund policy.

2.3 Conservation fees were announced as to be payable “daily”. For easier administration, however, they will be payable for every night spent in a particular park. In other words, day visitors pay the fee once; guests staying for one night will also pay once, while guests staying two nights will pay twice.

2.4 In cases where there are unique circumstances with regards to the charging of conservation fees, e.g. tour groups having lunch at Storms River Mouth, park managers must use their discretion and make arrangements, as long as these are properly documented, communicated to the Corporate offices, in particular, Tourism and Communications departments.

2.5 Daily Conservation fees were set as follows: Different rates apply to the different parks, and the following applies to international guests: Children under the age of 12 pay 50% of adult rates and children under 2 years are admitted free of charge. (international guests only)

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